Today I want say, “Just thank You, Lord, for so many, many things.” They are too numerous to count, yet You know them before I even voice them.

I’m grateful for all You are and all You have done for me on this journey. That You would help me, just one of seven billion others on this planet, is beyond amazing.

Thank You, God

I’m grateful You know my heart’s desire is to be a whole, healthy, happy woman—spirit, soul and body.

I’m grateful You are taking by the hand and leading me towards total transformation.

I’m grateful for You showing me there’s so much more in store for me to be and do in this life.

I’m grateful You don’t allow me to get complacent and comfortably settled in.

I’m grateful my abs hurt because it’s making my stomach flatter and my muscles firmer.

I’m grateful the muscles in my legs and arms hurt because the pain means they are getting stronger.

I’m grateful I can exercise, even though it sometimes is difficult. I certainly never thought in a thousand years I would be thankful for hurting or for any exercise, period.

I’m grateful for the wonderful indoor pool in my community where I can run in the water when it’s impossible, right now, for me to do that on land.

I’m grateful for a free app, MyFitnessPal, so I can log my exercise and food intake and see at a glance whether my program is working or not.

I’m grateful for tools like the Basal Metabolic Rate calculator to tell me how many calories I burn just existing on this planet.

I’m grateful for the knowledge that in order to lose more weight, I need to go below that number, but not below 1,200 calories.

I’m grateful for the scale moving after months of being on a plateau.

I’m grateful You always reveal and make clear the next steps on my journey.

I’m grateful You continue to challenge me with new vistas and mountains to conquer.  Because You have helped me move a mountain1of flesh in my life, these new challenges seem minuscule in comparison. Yet, they still seem impossible.

I’m grateful You pull back the curtain just enough to know where I am headed, but not too much to scare me to death.

I’m grateful You tell me what is impossible in my human strength is possible with God.2 I have first-hand experience with that. I know it to be true on many levels.

I’m grateful You’ve helped me lose 260 pounds, so 15 more shouldn’t be that big a deal. To me, though, it feels more difficult than what I’ve already lost.

I’m grateful, Lord, I’m smaller now. Still, I’m very aware I need less calories just to exist. I could be fine at the weight I’m at.

I’m grateful You push me further and ask me to accomplish more.

I’m grateful and humbled when You tell me You want me to shine,3 even though it scares me to think about what that might mean.

I’m grateful You will be with me wherever I go so I need not be afraid. I’m headed towards shining, whatever that may look like.

I’m grateful You are with me, Lord, because on my own I am weak. Only with You am I strong.4

I’m grateful You tell me I must shine to give others hope they, too, can shine.

I’m grateful You care about every detail of my life,5 so very grateful.

I’m grateful You go before me, behind me and are around about me.6 I am never without You.

I’m grateful You, the Creator and Maker of the universe, would take time to be mindful of even the smallest parts of my life.7

Really, I didn’t come for anything else than to say, “Just thank You, Lord.”8

What are you grateful for today? Take a minute to share with the Creator and with us.


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Teresa Shields Parker
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