If you had one line to summarize your life and your destiny, what would it say? What would you want it to say?

Eph 2-10 tpt

Enoch’s said, “He walked faithfully with God and he was no more.”1 Eve ate the forbidden fruit.2 Esther dared believe that she was created “for such a time as this.”3 David was a man after God’s own heart. 4 Isaiah said, “Here I am. Send me.”5

Bad One-Liners

If I had died 20 years ago, my one-liner should have read, “She ate herself to death.” Even today, I think about the consequences my focus on my own desires has taken on my body. One doesn’t carry 260 extra pounds of weight around for 20 years, lose it and not have still not have residual effects.

Today, though, I’m living a much healthier, extremely joy-filled and more productive life. I hope my one-liner will reflect more of where I am headed than where I came from. It will be a destiny statement. 

Trum’s One-Liner

I guess I’m thinking about this because in March 2016, I went to a funeral of a brilliant and compassionate man. Dr. William Trumbower was a rare combination of genius, love and humility all wrapped into one.

As a medical doctor, he could have easily acted arrogant and yet, he spent time with patients no other doctor would and dared to believe they could get healthy with proper nutrition, wellness therapy and care.

He was dedicated to finding cures for patients with puzzling conditions which baffled other doctors. He told my friend, Mary Simonson, she was “an interesting patient, but he would figure her out.” In the midst of doing that, he saved her life.

He saved mine as well. I knew I was going to give up sugar and flour, but I wasn’t sure how. He not only showed me how, he walked the journey with me, suggesting ways to eat healthy, various mineral and vitamin supplements to take, hormone and thyroid therapy \and provided continuous moral support.

Restored Health

He was instrumental in restoring my health and my joy by getting me to think outside my shoddily constructed box. God made him a doctor. I believe his one-liner would be, “Trum saved lives with God’s help.”

I’ve often pondered what my one-liner would be. I am many things, but what would Jesus want me to be remembered for? That should be my focus.

Mary and Martha

Remember Mary and Martha? Their one-liners were very different. Martha was worried and upset many things.6 Mary sat at the feet of Jesus.7 Jesus said Mary chose the better thing.8

Serving was Martha’s gift. Jesus was not faulting her for using her gift, but for being frustrated in using her gift. After Lazarus’ death and resurrection, we see Martha again serving a meal at which Jesus is a guest.9 This time, though, she uses her gift willingly while Mary pours expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet and wipes them with her hair.10

Jesus accepts both women’s gifts and doesn’t call one higher than the other. They have stepped into who they are. Perhaps their one-liners would be Martha served Jesus, while Mary sought Jesus. Both are necessary.

My One-Liner

My one-liner will be no greater than yours if it is centered on Jesus. I seek to serve Jesus with my whole being—body, soul and spirit, and teach others how to do the same.

What do you want your one-liner to be? What do you need to do first to begin to accomplish that?



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