An awesome group of women committed to changing their lives began a journey to victory today. I know they are ready for monumental breakthroughs. I feel it in the air.

Last Tuesday I opened Sweet Change Weight Loss Coaching and Accountability Group for introductions. As I started reading the transparent and honest stories, a heavy weight of responsibility began to overwhelm me.

Breaking chainI’ve led many groups but I’ve never felt the feeling I did that day. Perhaps it’s because they are paying me to lead them. Perhaps it’s is the monumental task I know is before each of them.

I thought of pastors who must feel such burdens for those in their congregations. Then I thought of what it must be like for God to deal with all seven billion of us at one time.

I was walking at the time and I literally had to stop and bend over. The burden felt so strong. I looked up with tears in my eyes and said, “God, how do YOU do this? How do You deal with all of the people in the world and their problems?”

He said, “I do it with patience, just like I did with you. I waited until you discovered the depths of my grace. This is not your show. This is mine. You just trust me and I will lead you.”

Then I saw what seemed like a two-second video clip. I was a little girl. There was at least three feet of snow on the ground. A large man was in front of me. I knew it was a representative of Father God. He was plowing a path. I knew as long as I walked where He had plowed, I was safe.

His leadership is everything. My submission is just part of my journey with Him.

There was a time when I strongly resisted doing any kind of weight loss coaching. However, I’m dedicated to doing whatever is the next step that God wants me to take.

I actually got a hint last year this was coming. I had just finished writing my book. I walked into church. It was crowded. We had to sit down front. During the prayer time a large woman I didn’t know walked across my vision to receive prayer.

I was struck by this sense of compassion and mercy. Now I’m not a mercy person. More of a do it or don’t do it kind of person.

Then I heard His still small voice speak in my heart. “I am going to use you to help break the chains of food addiction from morbidly obese women like her. “

My book, Sweet Grace and the accompanying Study Guide hadn’t been printed yet. He could be talking about the book. I felt that certainly was a part of it but there was more. I knew it would be coaching of some kind.

There is little other way to help someone get to the core of their issue than through coaching and accountability.

You need the help of another (a mentor), others (group on the journey with you) and The Other (God).

My issue, though, was that I see through the excuses because I’ve had all of them myself.

There is this part of me that wants to kick butt and make people do what they need to do. Then there is this overwhelming sense of mercy and compassion because I have been there.

I know what it is like to be bound and chained by the food you eat. I also know the glorious victory you feel when the Grace of God suddenly explodes in your life.

Just as God tapped me on the shoulder in 2013 and told it was time to write my book, He tapped me on the shoulder in 2014 and said it’s time to open an online weight loss coaching group.

There was a sense of urgency about the mission I couldn’t shake.

Again, I asked God a question. “What is it about this group that must be done now?”

He showed me a picture of something that looked like a map of the world. In the center of the United States was a bright central light and then a smattering of other lights around the U.S. Some were brighter than others, but all were connected to the central light with a strand of fiber optic light.

I sensed He was beginning something that would grow in many places. Those in this group will receive victory and then lead others to do the same.

The online model allows those in the group to be in touch, but to also walk out the journey themselves. It also means this group can grow and multiply as quickly as God sees fit.

I have no doubt God is up to something. And, when He is, we have no choice but to join Him.

Sweet Change is an open group. Individuals can join at any time. We’ve just gotten started so you haven’t missed much. Get it today by going here or at the link below.

I had a long day yesterday. I was ready to leave my office when I felt His nudging to read one last Proverb in my new Passion Translation.

I’m glad I did. These verses have become my new watchword.

“The Lovers of God who chase after righteousness will find all their dreams come true: an abundant life drenched with favor and a fountain that overflows with satisfaction.”1

If that wasn’t enough, the second verse tells exactly what will happen when we submit totally to Him.

“A warrior filled with wisdom ascends into the high place and releases regional breakthrough, bringing down the strongholds of the mighty.”2

We’ve been in bondage long enough. Let’s allow the fire of God to heat us up for breakthrough.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.”3

Let Him lead you there.


1 Proverbs 21:21 Passion

2 Proverbs 21:22 Passion

3 Galatians 5:1 NIV


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