He saw the handwriting on the wall

And gathered his family, one and all

They set out to find a boat in which to flee

To a new land somewhere across the sea.


The boat was small and packed too full

But Singh and his family began the oars to pull.

They pushed out to sea in search of a home.

They were drifters, the dark waters to roam.


The boat was small and ready to sink.

The men swam beside in water they could not drink.

The threat of sharks and pirates was real.

The days were scary, the nights were no thrill.


They were frightened, hungry, tired and beat

When they saw a sight that made them want to retreat.

It was a pirate ship, known to hurt, maim and kill;

Anything else they found, they certainly would steal.


Singh was scared for his family and friends.

He prayed to God to get them through to the end.

He said, “God if you’re real, I will serve you always.

Just get us to land safely, and I’ll give you all my days.”


In heaven above, God heard this man’s cry

And landed them high, safe and dry.

Then God sent a missionary to tell

Singh the message of Christ who saves from hell.


About the God who loves us all.

Singh believed and answered God’s call.

He prayed for his family to have a new start

In America where he hoped others would have heart.


He hoped they would help them begin anew

With jobs and school and a house with a view.

Somehow God in His infinite plan

Brought Singh and his crew to this very land.


We thought we were helping him find a way

But he taught us more by his living each day.

With a pork roast and a few pounds of rice

His family could live for a week quite nice.


From his job, money he did save

To buy a car and a house, but he gave

To get the most for his children and more

To put them through college and open the door


For life in America, the land of the free.

Sometimes he misses the home he had to flee

But we’re glad he came here for us to know

God’s special love to the world he does show.


We love you, Singh Vong and your family

Thanks for letting us get to know you and real love to see!


—Roy and Teresa Parker