Dare to dream.  This is what I’m telling myself for 2012.   I have to have a dream or vision of what I want.  No dream, no focus, no goal to work toward.

Spiritually, I have a dream of being closer to God. I listened to part of a message by Misty Edwards on Godtv yesterday.  Essentially she said becoming closer to God is no secret.

She explained how our minds are designed to think about something all the time. Constantly messages are bombarding us.  We go over what someone said. We think about what we want to eat.  We work out a story plot.  We have a music video playing. We remember positive and negative things said to us. Messages flit back and forth.

We think we have no control over what plays across the big screen TV in our heads but we hold the remote control. We can take it over and play the stations we want. We can tune in to God. We can take every thought captive. We can think on the things of God.  But if the scriptures and God are not in our mind, we will not think about Him.

If we don’t think about Him, we will not draw close to Him. If we don’t draw close to Him we won’t get to know Him. We won’t know the sound of His voice. The beat of his heart. The sound of His footsteps. We won’t really be in relationship with Him.

My dream of becoming closer to God will not happen unless I make a conscious effort towards it. I don’t just say I want to get closer and it magically occurs. I can’t just listen to Christian speakers, I have to let the word of God permeate every part of me. I have to take it in. I have to apply it.

For me, daring to dream means being willing to take action. I will spend time with Him, read His word, meditate on it, read Christian literature, journal my thoughts. I will turn the channel in my mind toward Him and His work in my life. I will dare to dream in 2012.


This was all of the video, kind of a teaser for the song. Check out Spotify for the song, Lord, I Want You.

Teresa Shields Parker
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