Ever feel like your mind is playing the wrong channel or there’s just too much noise to hear anything? It’s like you are telling yourself something you don’t want to do, but you do it anyway. How in the world do these noisy thoughts get in there and how can we change the channel our minds are tuned to?

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Three Voices

There are always at least three voices speaking to you at all times: God, the devil and yourself. Of course, we know we should listen to God’s voice, but what about our own voice? Shouldn’t we also listen to it? What if it is telling us exactly opposite of what we want to do or know we should do?1

How do we know when our voice is the voice of common sense or the crazy voice that is going to dig us deeper in the muck and mire of our out-of-control life? And if our voice is wrong, how do we silence it?

Rational Mind

As an adult who prides herself on being rational and intelligent, this always caused a real problem for me. I could also reason myself into eating whatever I wanted.

I’m tired. I’ve worked hard today. I need something to keep me awake through the afternoon. I am going to pull an all-nighter. I need something to keep me awake.

Or, I deserve a break. I’m going to relax and watch a movie. I knew this always meant I was also going to eat whatever was available as I relaxed.

What Does Evil Look Like?

This was actually my voice partnering with the voice of the evil one. If Satan had come to me dressed in a red jumpsuit with horns sticking out of his head, carrying a pitchfork, I would have recognized him right away. I could have easily stood up to him and said, “Get thee behind me, Satan, in Jesus’ name.”

Problem is he doesn’t appear that way. He comes to me more subtly. He partners with what he already sees me doing. He can’t read my mind, but he can read my actions.


Take Eve, for example. He saw her eyeing the forbidden fruit. Being the “craftiest of all the creatures God had made,”2 he partnered with her doubt. It looked like he was reading her mind, but he was reading her hesitancy and desire as she eyed the fruit.

It’s not hard to sway someone who’s already got forbidden food on their mind. After he told her that God has been lying to her and she won’t die when she eats what God specifically told her not to eat, she was convinced.

Why? “How lovely and fresh looking it was! And it would make her so wise! So she ate some of the fruit and gave some to her husband, and he ate it too.”3

You might say, “She should have known better. It was the devil. It wasn’t her rational thinking.”

Oh, but it was. The devil used her rational mind to get her to bring all of mankind down. Her reasoning said it looked good and that it would make her wise.

The Party In My Mind

In other words, it’s what I used to tell myself. “I need to eat my favorite food because I feel brain-dead right now. I need sugar. Oh, how about that cinnamon roll.” All the time, I knew God had specifically told me to stop eating sugar and bread.

His voice, though, was a whisper compared to the raucous the evil one was making and my own desires yelling in conjunction. It was not unlike the loudest rock concert I’d ever been to.

Combine the speakers pounding at ear-splitting levels with the screaming of the fans and my voice simply blended with theirs being led along by my own pleasure reveling in the moment. There was no thought of wrong thinking.

Change the Channel

How in the world could I ever stop that never-ending noise in my head?

I have to willingly change the channel. My voice will partner with the voice and the thinking I listen to. My mind is a conglomerate of all I allow to enter it. If I entertain thoughts of doing anything against what I know is God’s best for me, I have just opened the door of my mind to allow that to influence me.

It’s like any addiction, if I fill my mind with the supposed pleasure it brings me, I will always be pulled that way. My mind is supposed to be a gate that can filter out these things.

The eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands are also sensory gates. We can be tempted by anything we see, hear, taste, smell or touch. These are tangible gates that give input to our minds.

Scrub Your Mind

It matters greatly what we allow to enter our lives. Even good Christians who go to church on Sunday mornings and watch all kinds of television shows, movies, listen to internet gossip and allow images to pass by their eyes can be filling their minds with subtle images that are slowly but surely changing the channel back to the world and consequently to the realm owned and operated by Satan LLC.

We have to allow our minds to be renewed, scrubbed clean and then fill it with positive things. How do we dwell in the house of the Lord?4 We contemplate His beauty. We study at His feet.5

Invitation To The Conversation

I’m not saying we sit and read the Bible all day, but we begin to change the channel to asking Him to teach us about every thought that enters our mind. We invite Him into the conversation, if you can even call the party going on in our minds a conversation.

We begin talking to Him as we’re driving along. We keep reminders of what God has told us posted everywhere, on our computers, phones, ipads. We bring the things God is doing in our lives into our conversations all day long. And when people walk into our houses they see His words proclaimed.6

We listen to good Christian music, instead of the noise of the world. We watch things that are uplifting. We hide the news feeds of friends and family members who constantly spout garbage. We protect what comes into our minds.

Reprogramming Our Channel

This is the way to reprogram our channel so that what we think about is more of what God thinks than the world thinks. We no longer accept the values of our culture as our values. We learn how to be changed from the inside out as we fix our attention on God instead of the noises of things that are happening all around us.7

When our voice is screaming at us, we treat ourselves like we would an unruly child. We ask ourselves, “What’s really wrong? Do you need a time out?”

And of course we do. We need time out at the feet of Jesus with His channel playing in the headphones of our lives.

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