Looking at the picture of 10 of the 17 individuals featured in Sweet Change: True Stories of Transformation, I couldn’t help but think, “Truth is stronger than fiction.” It’s not what we wish or dream would happen, it IS what has happened.

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All 17 of those featured in Sweet Change are living proof that the power of God works even with such things as getting our bodies in order. After all our bodies are the very residence where God’s Spirit resides.1

Can He work in your life if you are overweight, even super morbidly obese? He certainly did in mine. The problem is, though, His main work in me was to bring me to the place where I admitted I had a weakness and surrendered it to Him. At that point, His grace was ramped up in my life as His power was totally available to me. That’s because I admitted I needed it.

The 10 present on Sunday night, April 12 could each write a story about their journey. I hope many will. The world needs to know that God cares about every part of our lives. The fact that we are totally exhausted just from walking across the room, our brain foggy because of the processed, sugar-laden foods we eat and we feel very disgusted with ourselves and full of guilt and shame hurts Him.

He doesn’t want us caught in a bondage of unhealthy and harmful foods. He wants us to embrace His freedom that comes from knowing His truth. His truth is, God sets us completely and totally free.3

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There is hope. Each of the stories shared at the launch give hope. Each of the authors share honestly where they are on the journey and how God is continuing to work in their lives. Are they perfect? No. They are just like you and me.

We are imperfect people joined to a perfect God. What could be better than that?

Here’s the video of those present sharing their story. From right to left on the stage are: Tom Graddy, Russ Hardesty, Mindy Nave, Teresa Shields Parker, Mark Randall Shields, Judy English, Ronda Pickett, Lindsey Summers, Sundi Jo Graham, Kimberly Weger and Andrew Parker.


1 1 Cor. 6:19 NIV

2 2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV

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