If you started to change your lifestyle and began an intentional campaign to become healthier and lose weight today, where might you be next year this same time? And if you want that, but think you can’t do it, what’s standing in your weigh (pun intended) of success?

Teresa Shields Parker Big Pants 250 Pound Weight Loss Sweet ChangeHow Long Did It Take?

I’ve had people ask me how long it took me to lose 260 pounds. It really took me 10 years. I had some starts and stops in that process. However, since 2010, I’ve been on the real sugar-free and gluten-free lifestyle change adventure.

This has made all the difference for me. When I don’t eat refined sugar or gluten, essentially things made with both of those, I don’t crave them.

God told me this key back in 1977, but it took over 30 years for me to really understand that when He said, “Stop eating sugar,” He meant STOP. Not for a little while, but for the rest of my life.

Seventy Pounds

Now, I share my journey with people easily and naturally because it is an integral part of my life. This week I saw a woman I’d not seen for a year. A year ago we had supper together. My friend who took us out to eat told her that I was an author.

They asked, “What do you write?” When I explained I’d written a weight loss memoir, Sweet Grace: How I Lost 250 Pounds, she and her husband wanted to know more.

They went home with one of my books. To tell you the truth. I didn’t know if they had taken a book just to be nice or if they were really interested. I She had asked questions and I had answered, but again I didn’t know if it was just polite conversation.

When I saw her again this week, she said, “I read your book and loved it. I’ve lost 70 pounds this year by not eating sugar. I’m really changing my lifestyle.”


We talked some more, but I was so struck by the fact that you never know when casual conversation might lead to transformation. She has more weight to lose, but I’m so excited about her progress.

“You know I started my lifestyle change after I you shared your story. You are very inspirational,” she said.

Of all of the adjectives I might choose to describe myself that one had never popped into my mind.

When I was a writing conference last year, the leader was talking about the different “voices” authors have. One was the journalist and since I have a degree in journalism, I figured that would be me.

Then he described the journalist as the one who builds their platform by interviewing others. I realized that is the way I used to be before losing weight. Although I do love to tell others’ stories, most of the time I’m sharing my journey.


He described another voice, that of the celebrity. This person ’s platform is built from the adage: “If I can do it, you can do it.” People want to hear the journey of the celebrity.

Celebrity would be a noun I would have never used to describe myself. However, if by overcoming my biggest mess in life (with God’s help) I can inspire someone else, then I am willing.

Those who are obese are not inspired by rail-thin dieticians who never had a weight issue in their lives. They are inspired by someone who once looked like a mountain and now is a normal-sized person.

Trophy of Grace

“Throughout the coming ages we will the visible display of the infinite, limitless riches of His grace and kindness which was showered upon us in Jesus Christ.”1

It is only by His grace that I am alive today and living in the freedom from the bondage of the weight that now seems totally impossible that I carried. I could not carry a 260-pound person today, but I once walked around with that much extra weight and lived to tell about it.

I am living proof that all things are possible with God.

So, the answer to the question of where you could be next year is three-fold. You could be in the same place you are now, you could have put on an additional 70 pounds plus or, like my new friend, you could be 70 pounds or more lighter.

It takes intentional effort, commitment and inspiration to change.

What’s standing in your weigh (pun intended) of success?

1 Ephesians 2:7 TPT

2 Mark 10:27 NIV

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Teresa Shields Parker
Teresa Shields Parker is a Christian weight loss author, coach and speaker, who has lost more than 250 pounds. Her book, "Sweet Grace: How I Lost 250 Pounds and Stopped Trying to Earn God's Favor", is the number 1 Christian Weight Loss Memoir on Amazon. Her other books include: "Sweet Journey to Transformation: Practical Steps to Lose Weight and Live Healthy", "Sweet Freedom: Losing Weight and Keeping It Off With God's Help", "Sweet Change: True Stories of Transformation" and "Sweet Hunger: Developing an Appetite for God".

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