Are you without a vision? God wants us to have a vision, something we are moving towards, because without that, we will eventually perish.1 Sometimes we fail to have  a vision because we can’t see ourselves moving into that dream with the baggage we are carrying.

This baggage consists of self-limiting beliefs that pop up and yell, “You can’t do that because you’re not smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough, educated enough, experienced enough, skinny enough.” They slap us in the face so hard that we stop dreaming and slink back to our comfort zone defeated.

Through tears, Michelle Lee describes reconnecting with the real Comforter.

I Wanted To Be Attractive

Michelle Lee had one of those moments that defined her future of really living instead of just existing. It happened when she looked in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw. “It wasn’t me staring back,” she said. “I wanted to be attractive and I didn’t think I was. It was vanity, plain and simple, that kicked me out of my comfort zone and led me on a weight loss journey. But the journey has become so much more than looking good.”

Instead of letting that self-limiting belief that she wasn’t attractive beat her down, like many of us have done, she began to take action in her own way, powering through what she knew to do.

Michelle began hitting exercise hard and started eating what she thought was healthy food, but after losing about 15 pounds, she found herself stuck. She just couldn’t get everything working together and synchronized. So she started with my course, #KickSugar, and realized she was a sugar addict. The first session of #KickWeight, a six-month entry-level coaching class was beginning. Knowing she needed help, at the last moment she joined.

Deeper Forgiveness

In the group, she asked a question about why she felt stuck. That opened up issues she wasn’t aware of. “My mother was absent a lot when I was younger,” she said. “I’d forgiven her for that, but I had not connected the dots about how that related to God, specifically the Holy Spirit.”

As I walked her through some of the freedom principles and directed her, she was able to forgive her mother for being absent and leaving her alone, renounce the lie that the Holy Spirit would not be there for her and hear His truth.

Through tears, she explained that even though she knew the Bible says God will never leave us2 but it wasn’t until she went through the process that it became real.

“I tear up every time I think about it,” she said. “I asked Him, ‘Holy Spirit, what is Your truth?’ He affirmed to me that He WILL NEVER leave me. I am not alone on my journey. I have the Comforter3 with me. I don’t need to rely on food to comfort me when I have the Master Comforter available to me at all times. God was right there reassuring me, talking to me. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

Changed From the Outside In

Michelle has lost a total of 93 pounds and says her life has changed in phenomenal ways. “People who comment on my weight loss will also say, ‘You are just beaming.’ It’s true that I’ve changed on the outside by losing weight, but the bigger change has been on the inside. My spiritual walk is so much deeper. I’m able to let a lot of things go that might have upset me before, especially with my mother. I understand now that change begins on the inside and then moves to the outside.”

She admits that she has more weight to lose, but she’s not in a hurry. She’s eating healthy, exercising, volunteering in her church, working a job she loves, spending time with family, making new friends and enjoying living life to the full. She’s not waiting until she loses weight for life to happen. She’s embracing it now.

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Michelle lives in the same town as I do. However, I’d never met her before she came in my group. After we met, I was able to work one-on-one with her to help her through the freedom principles she needed to get unstuck and on to living her best life now.

Working directly with individuals is really the best way for me to help them discover their core issues. Like with Michelle, it’s always a team effort between God, me and the other person. We go through the freedom principles we need for each situation in order to drop the barriers that are holding us back. That leads us to inch towards that close relationship God longs to have with each of us. I am always awed by what He does. I love to watch Him work and be one tool He uses in another’s freedom journey.

Helping Others Is My Great Joy and Privilege

I love the tears. I love the joy. I love the brokenness. I love the beauty that comes from putting the pieces back together again. This is my heart. This is what I love to do. Helping others is my great joy and privilege.

This is why I not only want to help you find and get rid of the issues holding you back but teach you how to do the same for others. If you are in any helping profession or want to be, this program is for you. If you just know there is an issue that is keeping you stuck on your weight loss journey or in life, this is for you. If you are overwhelmed with fear, loneliness, stress, shame, guilt, indecision and any number of other issues, this is for you.

VIP Freedom Coaching combines one-on-one coaching, just you and me. We also have a Facebook Group, which is like our classroom where we learn the concepts.

I’ve only got a few spots left. Class starts Sept. 1. The group is open now for membership and for introductions. Join here:

Be sure and watch the video of Michelle’s story over on that page, as well. And yes, those are real tears. As I told Michelle, tears wash the soul. It’s more than OK to feel your real emotions.

I’ll see you in the group.

1Proverbs 29:18 KJV

2Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV

3John 14:26 KJV