I have a problem being bold. I can be bold in my writing. However, when it comes to my life, taking risks, going into unknown territory it’s a little different. It’s true even when it comes to eating healthy.

My desire to be well, though, overshadows my less than bold nature and propels me into that unknown area of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean protein and gluten-free grains.

Any change, especially a lifestyle change, involves taking risks, moving out of my comfort zone, throwing caution to the wind. It never doesn’t sound like fun. It sounds painful until you get started. Then the rush of accomplishment is unbelievable.

I love the boldness, power, stamina, strength and beauty of these horses on  the Farwell Ranch in northern Missouri. (Photo courtesy of Mary Farwell)

I love the boldness, power, stamina, strength and beauty of the horses on the Farwell Ranch in northern Missouri. (Photo courtesy of Mary Farwell)

There are lots of things that scare me. Speaking in front of people scares me. Making suggestions about how people can stop eating sugar and gluten scares me. Making mistakes scares me, failure, not being perfect, not knowing what to say, snakes, mice, spiders, wasps, bees and the list goes on.

I know I don’t have to be afraid because he Bible tells me I am more than a conqueror.1 What in God’s name does that even mean? How can I be more than a conqueror? If I have conquered something I have won. That’s all that matters, right?

It’s deeper than that though. It must be or God would not use that particular phrase. He was trying to get our attention and point out something we really need to know. More than a conqueror means I don’t have to fight that particular battle again.

Whatever issue you are facing in your life, wouldn’t it be awesome to know that after you fight the battle and win, you will never have to do war with that particular issue again?

It takes a bold belief that our God will sustain and support us when we do what we know to do. When we take a shaky step towards overcoming the strongholds in our life, God meets us and provides us with the same power that raised Christ from the dead.2

The resurrection was a bold move was it not? You, too, can be raised from the dead in whatever area is cowering behind the fear of that bigger stronghold you face.

For instance, maybe you are extremely overweight to the point that it is threatening your life. The weight is like a monster of fear that holds you back from doing what you really want to do with your life. Maybe it’s run a marathon, speak in front of audiences, become a nurse, have children. Those are dreams God placed inside of you. Don’t you think He will move heaven and earth to help you achieve those dreams?

Yet, there is this mountain of flesh that stands it your way. Didn’t he say that you could speak to the mountain and it would move?3

Let me ask you something if you say to your husband, “Let’s clean the garage today.” If you don’t lift a finger to help, how committed to getting the garage clean are you? What you really should have said was, “You clean the garage today.”

That’s exactly what we do to God. We pray, “God you know I have all these things I want to do for You, so You make me healthy so I can do them.” Quietly, He is saying, “You can do what you have spoken. Show me you are as committed to this as I am.”

You have to show by your actions that you really want it and are committed to resurrecting the dream, the desire, the goal. That is scary because we know it will not be easy. We’d rather sit at home and watch television. Actually if that’s OK with you, it’s OK with God. If that’s all you want out of life.

I, however, want more. I have dreams that scare me to death. God is always stretching me, giving me new ideas and opportunities. As I step forward, I have the complete assurance that He is already there.

I love to watch horses galloping free, their manes flowing in the wind. There is power, stamina, endurance and beauty there. They embody my idea of health, wellness and boldness. They are running free without fear. They don’t have to stop and think about what they should or shouldn’t eat. They eat to live. They eat so they can run and be what God made them to be. I want that.

I will live bold. I will eat healthy. I will be well.

What about you?

1 Romans 8:37
2 Romans 8:11
3 Matthew 17:20

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