We were winding down a wonderful evening where we’d held a personal wedding shower for my daughter. A few friends were still milling around. We had lit a three-wick candle at the beginning of the evening. It was still burning sitting on top of the piano and casting a nice glow across the living room.

She and her friend were talking when Fluff, the Birman feline, daintily pranced across the piano swishing her long, full tail. It caught an edge of the burning candle.


At the first gasp from my daughter I looked up to see Fluff’s full tail looking like a torch. The scream scared the cat. Fluff leaped to the floor, the breeze putting out the fire in mid air. Then, she ran away.

Of course she was hiding, but we could tell she didn’t seem to be in any pain, just frightened and concerned about the odd smell following her around.

In the meantime the four of us were trying to figure out what to do. So of course I googled “my cat is on fire.” What else would you do in such a crisis? The website said to check the area for scorched skin.

However, first we needed to catch the always elusive Fluff. My daughter finally got Fluff in her arms securely and saw only the fur on the cat’s tail had been scorched. The skin was not damaged.

Next the site said to use a wet paper towel to wipe away the ash from the fur. After that Fluff was done with such nonsense and scampered away. She was acting as if she had never caught on fire.

I’m not sure about you, but I know if I had caught my tail on fire I’d be hollering about it loud and long even if it didn’t hurt. Not Fluff. She took it in stride. Why? She knew she wasn’t hurt. She was more scared of our loud noises than something as ridiculous as a little fire.

Here’s the difference between humans and animals. We, as humans, complain long and loud over minor catastrophes that really do not matter.

We need to be a bit more like Fluff and wait to be concerned when there’s something that is really worth the effort. For Fluff such concern seldom exists, well, except for when Harley, the male cat, wandered outside. She came and told us about it until we went to see what she was so upset about.

She and Harley are non aggressive cats and would not survive outside. Instinctively she knew she had to tell someone. When there’s a real emergency, she will persist until some human listens and rights the wrong.

With us humans, however, we make mountains out of molehills. Something like being caught on fire, even if it didn’t hurt us or cause any damage, would be cause for us to finish off the last eight cupcakes leftover from the evening’s festivities.

It doesn’t take much to pull us away from our intended healthy lifestyle. Anything will do. Our husband went out with his buddies when we asked him not to. Our friend didn’t call like she said she would. We had a long day at work. A young man cut us off in traffic on the way home. We don’t feel like cooking.

The emotions associated with each of these events are what we need to deal with. We are angry, lonely, frustrated and tired. And for some reason the way we decide to deal with it is not to journal about it. Call a friend. Pray. Listen to soothing music. Dance. Fix a healthy supper. Enjoy the solitude. Count our blessings.

The way we handle it is to eat as much as we want so we don’t have to think about the things we are upset about. However, if we would just examine the issues, they are not worth our worry, stress and anxiety.

Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Say softly, “I know You are here God. I give every worry, care and concern to You. What do You give me in return?”

Softly you hear His whisper and can almost feel the stirring in the air as He comes near to you. “Peace. I give you peace, My child.”

You feel the brush of Fluff’s tail as she walks by and you understand. If Fluff can take her tail looking like a torch in stride, you can weather your minor issues.

Peace. It will be all right.


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