Denial and Morbid Obesity are neighbors. Truth lives in the same neighborhood, but Morbid Obesity doesn’t see Him.

Morbid Obesity is shy and really doesn’t like Denial all that much, but he enables her to eat anything she wants at any time. Denial is an ugly misshapen being, but then she feels she is, as well. So she allows him to stay.

Woman Silhouette Waiting For Summer Sun

Her Sidekick Denial

With Denial by her side, Morbid Obesity can look the other way and not see that her over-eating has crept up to the point that she is now 100 pounds overweight. She doesn’t want to know her BMI is now over 40, which puts her in the highest obesity category .

She avoids mirrors and scales. Scales especially do not exist in Morbid Obesity’s world. She says, “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”1

Something Worthwhile?

The scale is just a measure of where she is right now and not a true indication of the gold hidden within the mounds of flesh. She cannot see the gold or even feel it is there. Yet, in the recesses of her mind she knows there has to be something worthwhile about her. In her current state it seems impossible to wade through the layers of donuts to get to it.

She’s not sure why, but she does know she is hiding. Food, especially sweets and breads, anesthetize any pain she is feeling. She does not have to get angry. She can just eat a piece of cake. She doesn’t have to be depressed. She can just eat a cinnamon roll. She doesn’t have to feel overworked and under appreciated. She can just eat a large bag of caramels.

It’s a coping mechanism that has worked for her for years. She really knows no other way to celebrate, to have fun, to stave off boredom, to even out emotions.

Denial’s Comfort

With each bite, Denial cozies up on the couch, wraps his arms around her and tells her, “Everything will be all right. You don’t need to lose weight. You are just big boned. If God wanted you to be thinner, He wouldn’t have given you such an appetite.”

She sighs and burrows down into Denial though the air seems stale and heavy.

Another Visitor

One day Truth comes knocking at her door. She opens it a crack. A fresh wind sweeps over her.  She breathes deeply inhaling His aroma. When He talks, she feels a stirring in the depths of her telling her to listen.

His words, though soft and quiet, are too overwhelmingly loud for her soul to hear.

She closes the door. Peeking through the curtain she notices a tear trickle down His cheek as He turns to leave. For some reason, she wipes a wetness from underneath her eye, as well.

Denial Returns

As if on cue, Denial comes and brings her bag of her favorite chocolates. She eats one and begins to drift off into a fantasy land where everything is perfect, she is healthy and Truth does not exist.

Before she knows it, she has eaten the entire bag. Denial sets a fresh batch of brownies on the table in front of her.

As she reaches for one, suddenly her chest becomes tight. She cries out for help. She is having trouble breathing. Denial, though, slinks away. Her cries seem to be falling on deaf ears and yet she cries out louder for someone, anyone to help her.

The Wind of Presence

She feels the wind of His presence as Truth stands before her. Her life flashes by her in seconds, pictures that show how she got to this place. He takes her to the hospital and stays by her side as she learns some very hard realities of what she has done to her body.

Truth stands tall and strong in her life. She accepts all He shows her from His book of Truth, words of love, joy and peace. She knows what she must do to become healthy, happy and whole.

She feels  layers falling off as she allows Truth to seep in.  It’s as if all of her life she has been crawling toward Denial and suddenly turns, stands and runs in the other direction toward Truth.

A New Name

Then, He gives her a new name. She is no longer Morbid Obesity. From now on she will be called Beautiful.

As Beautiful, she grows into her name by feeding her body healthy foods, exercising, loving and giving. It’s impossible for her to live next to Denial. With excitement and acceptance of all that is new and bright, she moves.

Beautiful needs Someone to share her new outlook on living. Ah, she knows. It only makes perfect sense. She invites Him to come and reside with her. She knows she cannot live without Him for a single moment.

Come Up Higher

“Come up higher,” He calls. And she begins the journey towards the wholeness of His Truth.

She begins to see from His perspective and understand what her life can be and will be. As they begin the ascent toghether, He whispers words of destiny, purpose, life and hope.

The gold inside her stirs as she believes His will can be done on earth as it is in heaven.3 And she begins to live with newfound love and freedom.

Because it is Truth who has truly set her free.2

1Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With The Wind.
2John 8:32, NIV
3 Matthew 6:10 NIV