Dunamis: strength power, ability

  1. Inherent power, power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature, or which a person or thing exerts and puts forth
  2. Power for performing miracles
  3. Moral power and excellence of soul
  4. The power and influence which belong to riches and wealth
  5. Power and resources arising from numbers
  6. Power consisting in or resting upon armies, forces, hosts

—From the Greek Lexicon

Dunamis: This is officially my new favorite word, at least for today.

Inherent power.  Just thinking about it gets my energy level up.  I have the mental picture of a tulip bulb planted in my yard right now.  The inherent power residing in that bulb by virtue of its nature will bring forth a dark pink tulip.  It has inherent power to be a dark pink tulip but, not to be a yellow tulip.

It has its own dunamis and will blow us away with its beauty.  It exists to bring us beauty.  It will die after it displays its power and beauty.  But it will be back next year and the next and will probably be repeating the cycle in that spot in my yard for years to come unless someone digs it up and replants it.

We all have inherent power residing in us by virtue of our nature.  We can exert or put forth that power for good or for bad. Or we can let it lie dormant and refuse to bloom another year.

Although most may think doing nothing is getting by without exerting power, I assert that it takes even more force to do nothing than to be in the flow of who you are.

Can you imagine the energy and force it would take for a tulip to try to refuse to grow and bloom?  It’s built in to the tulip, by virtue of its nature, to bloom.  Straining not to bloom would take a monumental effort.

Many of us are straining against what we know is our nature.  I know how it feels to “keep a lid” on gifts and talents because I am afraid of failure or not being perfect.  But when I simply allow my inherent nature to come through, the growth process happens and I find the effort to be less because the dunamis power takes over.

Trying to hold back God’s dunamis power within me takes all my strength and wears me out. Getting in the flow of his power makes life almost effortless.

I have two choices.  I can exert all my energies to smother my inherent nature, my gifts and talents and bent.  This leaves me tired, depressed, angry and unsatisfied.

Or I can get in the flow of God’s dunamis for my life.  When I am sharing who I am, my gifts and talents I find my energy level soaring and my excitement for life immeasurable.

How do you use your energy?  Does this resonant with you?

Teresa Shields Parker
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