“God will fight for you.” The words kept rolling around in my head. I knew they were true, Biblical and extremely relevant to the issue at hand, which right then was the fact my weight had hit 430 pounds.

The question I had was, how can He fight for me when I don’t even want to fight for myself?


The Struggle

My struggle with extreme weight gain was real. I could definitely touch it. I tasted it every day. Everything I saw that looked good, I ate. I smelled wonderful foods constantly.

It wasn’t the evidence of things not seen. No, it was the evidence of things seen. Everyone could see me.

It wasn’t like I didn’t know what the problem was. I knew what it was all too well. I’d been on every diet imaginable. I saw them as short-term fixes and prayed the next one I went on would magically eradicate my problem.

I knew my problem ran deeper than what I ate. I was a smart woman I knew what to eat. I just couldn’t seem to stop eating my favorite comfort foods, which usually included any foods which contained sugar and/or flour. Once I started I couldn’t stop.

It never occurred to me that maybe I should stop eating those things altogether. Foods made with those ingredients were basically all I ate. I might eat vegetables but they would have some kind of sauce on them. I would eat meat, breaded and fried. I would eat fruit, but it would be in a cobbler or pie.

The Verdict

When a cardiac surgeon told me I had five years to live unless I lost weight, all of a sudden it became real. Up until that time I could convince myself my weight wasn’t a real problem. It didn’t make me the most attractive person on the block, but that’s okay. So it was no big deal.

I didn’t take into account I could barely walk. I was constantly fatigued. I couldn’t think clearly and I had no energy, vitality or stamina. I didn’t factor that in. I was alive and didn’t have any major issues, until the doctor pointed them out.

It would still be many more years before I totally engaged with a healthy living lifestyle change, but he did scare me. It did make me realize I wanted to live. I wanted to choose life. I just wasn’t sure how to do that.

The Fight

I could say this is the time God began to fight for me and my life turned around. God, though, was always fighting for me. He told me in 1977 when I asked Him how to move the mountain of flesh attached to body at that time to “stop eating sugar. Eat more meats, fruits and vegetables and stop eating so much bread.”

I, of course, didn’t listen. He told me through numerous well meaning doctors who would hand me a food pyramid flyer, which I would throw in the trash on the way out of the office.

He told me through every diet instructor with every major diet program. I pretty much tried them all.

He told me through a great nurse practitioner friend. He was always working, fighting for me. I just wasn’t always cooperating with Him.

The Statement

What happened to turn me around was a simple statement by a 25-year sober alcoholic. After telling his reasons for going on his sobriety journey, he said, “Alcohol is one molecule away from sugar. Alcohol is liquid sugar.”

The sword of the Spirit sliced through my stubborn, rebellious pride and pierced my heart.  And in that moment I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt. I am a sugar addict. I had never heard the term used. I had never considered it possible, but like a magnetic puzzle all the pieces of my life snapped together and I knew that was my problem.

The War

I look back on that day and I see God’s mightiest angels holding back the hoard of demons snarling, smiling through gnarled teeth, rubbing their hands, pushing and shoving to get at me.

God had different plans for my life. Even though in many ways I was feeding the demons, God kept His angels in place. “Stay until I tell you different,” it felt like He had been saying to His warrior angels for years.

That day, though, I just felt was my final chance. It was show-down day. This was the day I would choose my fate. Would I do it God’s way? Or would I keep feeding the wrong side?

The Choice

That day I chose to set aside my selfish desires and adopt a new way of living which would mean denying1 those things I craved. It would mean accepting my issues, owning my addiction and walking out a journey that was totally foreign to me.

I knew one thing. God hadn’t had His angels working so hard all this time for nothing. He would lead me and teach me how to stand2 in the face of evil knowing I have Jesus on my side. In His name the tempter must flee.3 You better run, devil, run!4

What I thought would be a tremendous battle became the easiest hard thing I’ve ever done. When I admitted my total impoverished state of weakness, He poured out His strength on my behalf.5

The God Factor

When I “let Christ take over, the weaker I get, the stronger I become.”6 Why? Because I’m not trying in my own strength to force anything to happen. I’m agreeing with God. I’m allowing Him to spiritually activate me to stand7 my ground against the schemes of the evil one.

I not only know, but I have experienced, the truth that Jesus can set people free when we listen and follow Him instead of our own self-centered desires even if they come wrapped in what we think is sweet and innocent.

To date I’ve lost over 260 pounds thanks to God’s leadership in my life. I’m living a life that is beyond my wildest dreams. One of the most awesome things that has come out of my journey is that I am now leading others to find their freedom from the tightly bound chains of food addiction.

I know how to do this because of two things. First, God led me on my journey. Second, He asked me to do the same for you.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 3.13.57 PM

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