Awaiting the King by James Nesbitt

Awaiting the King by James Nesbit. Prints available at


Soft I lie against your chest

Feeling your heart beat.

Strong arms, my welcome fortress

Steadying me through this life.


You stir desires in me

And that is as it should be

God’s design for full, abundant life

That reaches heavenward.


Alone we fracture.

Together we thrive,

I in you, you in me; there is no other way.

It is for us to treasure this day.


God’s perfect design

Was meant to draw us closer,

Not further away; not shattered.

Yet, everywhere I see pieces.


We pick up the brokenness.

We try to mend it, splice it somehow.

Jagged we cannot fix our inadequacies,

Shoehorned attempts only fail.


We are designed to be God’s full expression,

One way, a perfect design.

To try other things are but substitutes

No matter how tremendous.


We think we know a better way.

We kick against our Creator.

And He waits for us to come to our senses

While we play the prodigal.


His simple design

Is all we need,

Harmony, love, unity body, soul and spirit.

A design for the life to come.


Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Bride of Christ.

Concepts too magnanimous to comprehend.

Yet, I am His and He is mine.1


This is His perfect design,

A mirror of all that will come for you and me,

A tiny glimpse into His Kingdom, the Kingdom

On earth as it is in heaven.2


Soft I lie against Your chest

Feeling Your heart beat.

Your strength, my welcome fortress

Steadying me through all eternity.


1 Song of Solomon 6:3 NIV

2 Matthew 6:10 NIV



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