Dream and visions are powerful forces. They direct our thoughts. Set a course for us to follow. They have movement. They tap into our sight and thought centers and propel us forward on any quest.

It’s so important to have a dream or vision of what we want on this weight loss journey. I believe it needs to be tangible, something you can remember or someone you can remember. It needs to be visual and it needs to be as real as it can be.

It’s not just wishful thinking. I don’t even think a picture from a magazine will work. It needs to be a time when you were smaller. A time you fit into some special clothing. A person you know or knew that you want to be like. It needs to be real because we are real. We are not a fantasy.

My dream

From the very beginning, I had this unspoken dream of fitting back into my wedding dress. I knew I had fit into it at one time so it made sense to my logical brain that I should be able to do it again.

I wasn’t bold enough to voice it to anyone as a dream, but I knew it was there and it kept me going on the weight loss journey .

weddcomp half

Last year I held a wedding shower at my house for a friend. We began talking about wedding dresses and I told them about mine which was made by friend. I think we spent all of $70 on that dress. I call it my hippie dress because of the Nehru collar.

I went to get the dress out of the closet, but needed one of my friends to crawl up in the top of the closet to get it down. I started to take it downstairs when she said, “Put it on.”

I said, “Oh no, I won’t fit in that. My arms would never fit.”

She insisted so I decided to show her I couldn’t fit. Lo and behold, I did fit! I realized my dream. It was a fabulous moment for me. The realization of a dream.

I’m thankful to another friend with foresight to catch the moment with her camera phone. You can tell from my face how exciting it was.


New Dream

The problem is I haven’t moved much past that point. Yes I have lost over 250 pounds. However, in order to be what the BMI charts call a normal weight, I need to lose about 20 more pounds.

I am happy where I am. I fit in a size 12, another unspoken dream. My husband likes my weight. There should be no problem. However, I feel I am being called to yet another level that requires a new commitment of faith.

I want to shine from the inside losing emotional baggage as I continue to lose physical weight. I believe God is moving me onward. I am no longer content to remain in what has become my current comfort zone.

As an adult I’ve never been smaller than I am now. I have a hard time picturing myself at any size smaller than I am now.

However, in praying about this I began thinking of Godly women who could be role models for me, women who I look to as beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

There is a friend at church I’ve known for sometime. To me, she is the epitome of the Godly woman. She knows everyone in church. If you tell her a problem, she will listen but will not let you go without praying for that need.

She is at the physical weight I would like to be, however she is not prideful about it nor does she flaunt it. She simply is. I aspire to be like that. She is my constant reminder here.

Legacy model

However thinking further about it, I realize one my dreams is to leave a legacy of faith and grace to my daughter and my spiritual daughters. If you are a woman who follows my blog, I consider you one of my spiritual daughters.

In thinking along these lines, my mind immediately went to my great grandmother. We called her Mamaw. Constantly in the Word, she exuded such a Godly character. Her white hair was gorgeous and a reminder to be of the wisdom she held within.

She was an ordinary woman, not large, not small. She didn’t have much fanfare about her. However, when you were in her presence, you knew you were in the presence of a woman of honor and dignity.

mamaw papaw and girls

I have very few good pictures of her. This one is one of her as a younger woman.

However, in reality it’s not her physical attributes I’m after except to know that I can be a normal size and be a Godly woman, it’s her spiritual qualities that attract me. It’s that legacy of a Godly heritage that I desire to inherit from her and pass on to others.

We can implant a desired vision in our minds even though our ultimate goal is to be like Jesus. While I know Mamaw was mortal and had flaws, like we all do, she is someone I have always admired. The fact that I carry her bloodline makes it even more tangible that I can reach for this dream.

Here’s a little bit about her, so you understand my choice of using her as my next legacy model. I am fully aware this dream will be one that I will have until the day I am called home.

As you read this poem, think of what your tangible dream might be. I’d love to hear what or who it is. It is an important key to changing your mindset about your own personal weight loss journey.

Mamaw White

When we went to her house

She popped popcorn

And Papaw played pitch.

Three point, seven point or ten point,

And we all learned how.

She would tell us what the Good Book said

And we all listened,

Because we knew all week

She’d not been alone.

What she said came

Straight from the One who wrote the Book

Which always laid

Open on the dining room table,

Her white head tottering above.


Once I thought Papaw would get mad

At a man who tried to sell her some unneeded insurance.

Uncle Wayne would call men like that,

“Glibglab salesmen.”

Papaw would just shake his gray curls

And not understand them.

She was my great-grandmother,

An example of faith

Tested through every possible level

And now taken to that final level.


When she passed to the next life,

I had a dream of heaven

A city of glass four-square

Filled with rooms of transparency

People coming and going

Greeting each other in love

And there she was rocking my baby sister

Her white hair glowing

Her face shining.

Sitting in her simple farm dress.


Papaw called her Missus Mary.

Grandma called her Momma.

Momma called her Mamaw.

I call her an angel in woman’s clothing.

My example. My spiritual heritage.

I determine this day

To be true to her example.

I will be a humble, committed woman of God.
Remember, “Where there is no vision [no redemptive revelation of God], the people perish; but he who keeps the law [of God, which includes that of man]—blessed (happy, fortunate, and enviable) is he.” Proverbs 29:18 AMP.

Being close to God is always our dream goal. Losing physical weight and emotional baggage is just a part of listening as the voice of God leads you on your quest.

Share with us your dream.

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