“Whether in fullness or hunger, I find the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty.”1

I love His explosive power infusing me. I feel that whenever I easily pass up sugar. Who would have thought even five years ago that I could do that? I can’t, but His power at work within me can.

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Pastor Joe loves cake just a little too much!


I am healed through many avenues, but I find one predominant way God uses to heal me is by writing, both His and mine. I love to read His Word in various translations and versions. I love to dig out meaning and application. I love to get an aha moment while reading a scripture I’ve read a million times.

I am also healed as I write what His Word means in my life.  I go back and remember where I was and where I am now and write it down. There is something about writing that just soothes those places of difficulty that the evil one likes to remind me of.

I can write about how God walked with me even in the times I made bad choices. He was still with me, pointing me towards the right path and when I veered off, He kept reminding me, “No this is the way. Walk here.”2 And when I didn’t walk there, He still never left.

When I used my body, the temple of His Holy Spirit,3 as a garbage dump, He didn’t hold His nose and leave. He stayed gently reminding, gently pointing the right way.

When I finally listened, turned around and began walking the path He had shown me, amazing things began to happen because I was finally listening to what He said and walking it out.


Then He told me more and more and more until today I’m so full I’m about to explode in a good way. This is the activity of grace in my life. Grace is God’s nature to love and never condemn, to gently direct, but never push me down the right path.

For years I wondered what the big hub-bub was about grace. I got grace when I was saved at age seven. Let’s move on.

Oh no, friends, let’s grow with an ever-expanding, ever-more powerful grace of God. Because grace is God’s nature. God is grace.

God revealed the power of His grace to Paul when He said, “My grace is enough. It’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness.”4

This is the healing power of grace. At the point of our admission of weakness when we can’t go on, His grace sweeps in with power to set us free. It’s a power that starts us on our journey.


It’s not an automatic deliverance of the extra pounds on our bodies, but a deliverance of our attitudes. A transformation of the mindsets5 that have been holding us back.

Do you need deliverance? It begins with doing the last thing God told you to do. How do you do that? Though His strength? Where does His strength come from? It comes from grace? How do you get healed from sugar addiction? By the strength of God’s grace.

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2Isaiah 30:21 NIV

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Teresa Shields Parker
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