Are you one who is always up for an adventure? I like adventure when I can watch from a comfortable distance. How about you? Are you the adventurous sort?

Roy and Andrew

An extremely trustful Andrew Parker is ready for an adventure with his Dad, Roy Parker.

I have to admit, I am not adventurous. I like things comfortable, predictable. I like things I can control. I can’t control an adventure. To me, it brings immediate fear of the unknown.

I have two adventurous children who are now adventurous adults. I blame my husband.

He’s the one with whom they scampered up rock cliffs, clamoured to the top of fire towers, discovered the thrill of the wind in their face on a motorcycle.

Andrew was just a toddler when he went on his first motorcycle ride. Roy would take a large belt and belt it around himself and Andrew. Then, he’d zip him into his jacket with just his head poking above the zipper. Next, he’d slap on a kid-size helmet and off they’d go, not to be seen for hours.

I went on a few rides. In the most recent ride I took, Roy, motorcycle and I all ended up horizontal. Not the best position from which to see the world. The rest of the ride was an adventure in prayer.

No, give me my favorite chair and a laptop and I’m perfectly happy in a safe, secure, free-from-fear-of-adventure-environment.

What most of us really want is both comfort and adventure, but there is no such thing as a comfortable adventure or, is there?

Last year, my son moved more than 800 miles away for a job in Colorado. After that job, he moved to Wisconsin for another. I admire his courage, striking out in his own going to an area where he knows no one.

Recently my daughter, not to be outdone, moved over 6,000 miles away to Japan for a job which will last at least a year. Even more disconcerting, she doesn’t speak Japanese. Knowing her, she will learn quickly.

They moved out of the comfort zone called home where everything is known and predictable. They went to new places, a little afraid of what they would find, but always knowing home was waiting for them if they needed it.

Still, there was something bigger at work that propelled them forward, undergirded and sustained them.

They made the decision to live and be alive in the moment. Both are single. When else might they have the opportunity for adventure? Comfort was not the foremost thing on their mind.

And yet they both know their lives are held by Someone greater than them.

I look at the life of Jesus and realize, there was no greater risk-taker. He not only came to a foreign country, but he went to an alien people. He was God. He didn’t have to become a man. He had a comfortable existence.

Why would He leave a sure thing for the unknown adventure?

For Him, it was all about purpose. He did it so we can live our lives without fear of the future. He did it for love.

He did it to dispel fear … with perfect love.1 Because of what He did, we have the comfort of His love and the adventure of going forward with our lives not being afraid of what tomorrow will bring.

Comfort and adventure: who but Jesus would know we needed both? Who knows, maybe I’ll even take another motorcycle ride, one day.

What would be your dream adventure?


11 John 4:18

Teresa Shields Parker
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