For years I prided myself on being a self-sufficient woman. Give it to me. I’ll get it done. After all, I can do all things.1

I thought if I went at things with fervor, especially if it was something I knew I was good at like writing or publishing, I could earn God’s smile.

Teresa Shields Parker on CTVN Pittsburgh's show, Real Life.

Teresa Shields Parker on CTVN Pittsburgh’s show, Real Life.

All that changed when I went on my weight loss journey and realized I had been doing it all wrong. I was a very good dieter. I could lose weight only to gain it all back as soon as I went off the diet and began eating anything with sugar. I was trying to do it my way.


So I surrendered to God’s ways. I admitted my weakness for sugar was controlling me. I realized, “My grace is sufficient for you for My power is made perfect in weakness”2 means His grace-power activates in my life only when I admit I need it.

While taping a TV show at CTVN in Pittsburgh, a young lady asked me a really good question. “What has been the biggest change in your life as a result of giving up sugar, besides losing 260 pounds?”

My answer was small things like being able to walk, shop, buy smaller clothes, feel my husband’s arms around me, but the question has been rolling around in my brain ever since.

Biggest Change

Then it hit me, my biggest change is I have finally become self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.3 It is not because of anything I have done. I need only look at myself in the mirror and have undeniable proof that God keeps His word when I do my part.

I am not afraid of taking the next step if I know God is leading me. It’s not self-sufficiency. It is that I serve a more than sufficient God.

I did not stress when the co-hostess at CTVN asked me right before our segment if I felt comfortable looking into the camera and speaking to and praying for those listening. I said, “Yes, of course. I’d love to.”

The words came out of my mouth easily. God has called me to minister to people. This was just another open door.

Open Doors

Each time He has opened a door, He has equipped me and provided the help I needed to walk through it. I had no doubt He would do it again.

As I rely on Him more, He does more than I can think or ask.4 I trust in, rely on and have faith in the fact that He will never “hang me out to dry.”

It comes from 30 years of running from what He told me to do in regard to my health. When I finally did what He said, mainly stop eating sugar, everything changed.

God never deprived, limited or forced me. He simply handed me the keys to my freedom.

Now. I listen. I follow.5 I have solid faith that God is sufficient for everything I need in every situation. Only because of that am I a self-sufficient woman because I know He is more than sufficient.3

How has God been sufficient in your life?

1 Philippians 4:13 KJV

2 2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV

3 Philippians 4:13 AMP

4 Ephesians 3:20 NLT

5 John 10:27 NIV

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Teresa Shields Parker
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