What if the mind of Christ isn’t as logical as we think it is.  After all, He is God, Creator of the Universe, which includes the platypus. What if the ideas, solutions to our problems and answers to our prayers are not as ordinary as we assume, but seem totally crazy or insane?

At 3 a.m. my eyes were suddenly wide open. It was as if Someone woke me on purpose. The words were so clear, I got up to write them down.

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“What if the thoughts that zoom across your brain, and you immediately dismiss as insane, are actually My voice speaking creatively to you?

“What if all the self-limiting beliefs about why and how that idea is crazy are actually the voice of the devil? How would that change what thoughts you pay attention to?”

Logical Prayers

So often I wait for a sane, logical thought as an answer a prayer or a solution to a problem I have. Then, I attribute that to God showing me what to do.

Truth be told, I figure out how the circumstance can change to make things happen the way I want. “Heal her. Give him a job. Get me out of this contract. Make my book a best-seller. Give her a husband. Make him do better in school. Make her kid stop doing drugs. Give him a raise. Make 200 pounds magically fall off my body.”

These are logical solutions created by my rational brain and prayed with my reasonable mind. Why wouldn’t God answer those kinds of prayers?

However, what if His answers to my prayers come to me as off-the-wall and illogical? What if they are nothing like what I pray? What, in fact, if they look actually opposite of that?


The Bible has been the subject of many block-buster movies. What better anti-climax than the children of Israel finally getting to leave Egypt after plagues and murders? Then, just when you think they are free, they get chased to the impassible Red Sea.1

You are on the edge of your seat with Pharoah and his army closing in fast and a huge ocean in front of them because it looks totally impossible. Then, all of sudden, God parts the Red Sea. They walk across on dry land.

Wait, we’re not done yet. Just when it looks like the army is closing in fast in the middle of the sea bed, the wall of water collapses, drowning the army.

At some point in time, I’m sure Moses thought, how did I get mixed up in this crazy, insane idea of fleeing Egypt?

Illogical Bible Stories

So many times, what God tells His people to do just doesn’t make sense. Think of Gideon reducing his army to 300 men.2 Or, God choosing Saul,3 the ISIS of first century Christians, to become a major player in the beginning of Christianity. Or, God telling Sarah and Abraham4 they would have a child when Sarah was well over 90.

When we look at how God works things out, it seems illogical. We have to realize, He’s working with us and we are really good and getting ourselves into seemingly unfixable messes.

God Works

The way He “works all things together for good for them who love Him and are called according to His design and purpose”5 is just not how we would do it. Yet, in it all He has a plan—that His name be glorified and that all people would know He is the God who saves, heals and delivers.

God rarely acts in logical ways. Think of His only Son dying on a cross.6 How logical was that?

God sees things from a different perspective than we do, which is really good news for us. I’m glad someone sees the big picture.

Holy Spirit Teach Me

Instead of pulling Him down to our level, what if we allowed ourselves to entertain the fleeting creative thoughts we summarily dismiss? What if we ask the Holy Spirit to teach us about those thoughts instead of laughing at them?

What if we asked Him how to use that thought in a story we write, projects we build, an investment we make, a message we preach, a business we start, a healthy lifestyle change we endeavor?

What if we took off our self-limiting glasses and began to see the world as a place of endless possibilities instead of endless impossibilities.

What a Great Idea

What if our first thought when an idea crosses our mind becomes, “What a great idea, God. If this is from You, teach me about it.” Instead of, “that crazy idea is just plain evil.”

I actually see God shaking His head and dropping that world-changing idea into another fertile mind ready to cultivate and grow it into the next block-buster book or time-saving, multi-million-dollar invention.

Outside the Box

God longs to give His children good gifts, but we have to be ready to think outside the boxes we have constructed. See, I don’t even think God has a box to think outside of. Therefore, if our minds still dwell back in our little, tiny boxes, we are always going to be out of sync with our Creator.

There’s one other reason to dream creatively with God. He is all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful. So powerful He limited Himself by giving us free will.

His Illogical Idea for Me

Here’s a totally illogical idea. Take a woman who weighs 430 pounds and tell her to lose weight. Even, let her know she will one day lose 260 pounds and counting. Many would dismiss that as insane.

God didn’t “make” me lose weight. I didn’t pray and 260 pounds magically fell off. He gave me some crazy idea to stop eating sugar and bread. Then, He gave me the power to do that when I surrendered everything to Him.

It was a creative idea I hadn’t heard anywhere else that He dropped into my mind many times through the years. I’m so glad He kept dropping that seed until it finally fell at a time I was ready to allow it to grow and change me completely.

He Is Creator

He is the Creator and He is always dropping creative ideas for us to gather. We are just not good at believing them, grabbing hold and hanging on.

I’m so excited about what new creative ideas He has. I’m plowing my mind and spirit to be ready to receive them, no matter how crazy, illogical and irrational they seem.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”7

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