What is the purpose to life anyway? We ask ourselves this question although perhaps not directly. Still it is on our minds.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just sit down and ask someone, maybe one of the wisest and wealthiest men to have ever lived?

chess competitionToday in Welcome Wednesday’s guest post Anastacia Maness interviews that man. His primary language is Hebrew so she will be paraphrasing his answers. Anastacia calls him KS, but you may know him by another name.

King Solomon had everything he could possibly want. During his reign, he went on a quest to find out the answer to the very question we are asking today.

AM: What started you out on your quest to find the purpose to life?

KS: It began in Gibeon when God offered to give me anything. I asked for wisdom to rule God’s people. God was very happy with my choice and gave me what I asked and more.1

AM: What did you find as you began your search?

KS: There is no point to it. It’s all an endless cycle filled with more and more stuff to build up our pride and vanity.2

AM: You spent a lot of time studying what makes life worth living. Was this an easy journey?

KS: Really, a person who increases knowledge also increases sorrow. The search was very difficult because everything I tried ended with no fulfillment.3

AM: So, what did you do?

KS: I decided to just have fun. I partied. I did whatever I wanted.4

AM: Did that work? Did having fun give you what you were looking for?

KS: When the fun wore off I had nothing. Again, it was all pointless.

AM: Then what?

KS: I tried alcohol.5

AM: Did it help?

KS: It only dulls the senses for the moment. It doesn’t solve any problems. It only makes them worse.

AM: Then, what did you try?

KS: I built lots of houses for myself and great works. I planted gardens, vineyards, and orchards. I made beautiful pools to water it all.6

AM: That sounds like a lot of property. How did you take care of all of that?

KS: I bought servants to take care of it all.7

AM: That sounds like it took a lot of people. How could you afford it?

KS: I raised cattle and collected treasure. I was wealthy beyond imagination.

AM: Was there any time for fun and entertainment?

KS: I tried that, too. I had singers and musical instruments. I denied myself nothing.8

AM: Did it work?

KS: I found no benefit in anything I tried.9

AM: So, were you happy?

KS: To be honest, I hated life. I hated everything I had built. I was miserable and depressed.10

AM: All those things that everyone seeks you had and it made you miserable. You must have found something that worked.

KS: Yes, I did. I found a there is a time and purpose for everything, the good and the bad.11

AM: Then there is a purpose in life?

KS: I should say so. The purpose is all wrapped in living for God. Nothing makes any sense without looking it from His point-of-view. After all, He made everything beautiful in His time. We cannot fathom the work that God has made from the beginning to the end.12

AM: So did God do this just for a season? Will things ever change?

KS: Whatever God does is forever. Nothing can be added to it, nor taken from it. This is so men will have reverent respect for Him.13

AM: What did you finally conclude in your quest for purpose?

KS: Fear God, and keep his commandments. It’s really that simple. That’s the whole duty of man.14

AM: So, if we obey God’s word we will find fulfillment and his purpose for us?

KS: Exactly, God wants us to enjoy life and do all things for Him. That’s the only way to be fulfilled.

AM: Thank you, King Solomon, for taking the time to answer my questions.

KS: You’re very welcome! I enjoy sharing the wisdom God has given me with students willing to learn.

AM: Thank you all for joining us today. You can learn more about King Solomon’s quest in Ecclesiastes. Also check out the book of Proverbs for his answers to Frequently Asked Questions in the Bible.

 So, what do you think? What is the purpose to life for you? Comment below.


anastaciaAnastacia Maness is a happily married preacher’s wife and homeschooling mother of six blessings. When she’s not cleaning spills and changing diapers, she writes about their adventures at http://rocksolidfamily.com.



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