What does it take to change? Is it hard? Will it hurt? Can I stop it once it starts? What if I don’t like the change? Can I go back.

Commitment to the change process takes being completely disgusted with the place you are. It takes a total commitment to whatever it takes to become new.

It takes realizing where you are is no longer going to work. It never has worked, but we were just too scared to step out of where we were and do anything new.


Like the caterpillar, it takes realizing everything familiar that you have become “comfortable” with is actually causing you great distress and discomfort. The foods you once ate, the ones you grew up with, the things you cook every day and in some ways take your identity from, have turned on your body and added pounds of fat you no longer can stand.

You want the new, but you just do not want to go through the process it takes. You don’t like the idea that old things have to pass away to make way for the new creation you will become if you listen to what God is telling you.1

It’s not unlike the process a caterpillar must go through to become a butterfly. It is a journey of unknowns, just like the journey out of extreme weight loss, sugar addiction, alcoholism, pornography, drugs, relationship hoppin or anything else that has become unmanageable in your life.


First, the caterpillar must be willing to enter the chrysalis. In this dark place, everything caterpillar melts except the genetic markers of its original design. When the process is done, a beautiful butterfly emerges.

For us the chrysalis is a process of  stopping what we crave and starting new habits to replace the old. This might be something like to stop ingesting processed sugar in any form and start moving your body more every day.

At first glance when you notice the caterpillar developing its chrysalis, it seems effortless, but change never comes easy. All the caterpillar ever knew was eating, eating, eating. All it ever saw was the ground level perspective of finding its next meal.

This was certainly true of me about five years ago. All I wanted was the specific kinds of foods I wanted. A monarch butterfly only eats the milkweed plant. I only ate sugar and flour or things made with that or things smothered in some combination of that. Yep, I was a caterpillar, no doubt about it.

Inside the chrysalis is where the amazing transformation takes place. Of course the caterpillar is aware that change is taking place, but it has no idea exactly what it will become when the process is over. However, once in the chrysalis, it knows it is committed to the process. No turning back now.

This is where we as people differ to a great extent. Many of us have been in the chrysalis many times only to turn back before the full design is complete. When that happens we realize we never really were committed in the first place.

All we wanted was a quick fix. And we come up some morphed creation, halfway between where we were and where we want to go. Inevitably we return to how we once were and become even further entrenched in our comfortable discomfort.


For those who stay with the process, even in times of veering off the course slightly, there comes a glorious moment when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, we are changed, renewed, transformed, a totally new design of the old person.

Think of the moment of emergence for the butterfly. The caterpillar turned butterfly, hangs on the edge of the chrysalis trying to figure out the new design of it’s life.

What does it mean to fly when you’ve always crawled? What does it mean to have beauty in your life when all you ever had was weeds and dirt?

For us, this point comes when we fit into a dress we’d always wanted to get back into. For me, it was my wedding dress. It was the only tangible dream I had. I knew that at one time I had fit into that dress. I so wanted to again, but I never thought I could do it.

When that day came, it was dream come true, but what did realizing that dream mean to me? What would realizing your dream mean to you?

weddcomp half


For the butterfly, wings begin to fill with fluid and all of a sudden, instinctively it knows to begin to flap and rise above where it once was. This is the process of change.


Scary at first. Scary through the process of emptying itself of all it once was. Scary to step out on the edge of life and soar above where it once was. Scary to be beautiful when it never was.

For us all those things are also true. How do we become on the inside what we are on the outside? What is required of us now? It’s scary to realize you now have a destiny when before there seemed to be none.

How do you step into your new design when you have no road map to follow? Despite the feeling of being utterly lost in your newly acquired body, there is a Guide available for the process.

It’s scary, yet exhilaratingly amazing that the Creator of the universe took time to call my name and say, “I choose YOU for the transformation of your life.”

Now, all I can do is follow where He leads me.

He’s calling you to the same amazing journey. Will you answer His call?

1 2 Corinthians 5:17 NKJV

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