At the end of the world, who is Jesus? If today, 12-21-12 is actually the end of the world as some predict, we should be sure we know. Those of us who do know should remember.

In the busyness of our lives we often forget. Well, even Mary and Joseph forgot from time to time. Take a moment and read Luke 2:46-52 in The Message. If you don’t have the Message download it here. Or get the Youversion App for your phone.

It’s interesting that even though Mary and Joseph had been visited by an angel and knew that their son was the Messiah, they still were “hurt and upset” when they couldn’t find Jesus. They thought He had caused them pain on purpose.

Lost and found

I know exactly how they feel. If you’re a parent, you probably do too.

I was at Sear’s reviewing our family portraits when my son was about 3. He was playing with another little boy nearby.  Engrossed in making decisions about the pictures, I momentarily forgot about him.

All of a sudden I got the Mom feeling, you know that panic-laden chunk of lead that lands in your gut? Sure enough, I looked around and my son was gone.

Immediately the fears set in. Someone took him. He’s lost in the mall. I’ll never see him again. Every picture forgotten, I ran out of the studio madly calling and searching for him.

I looked everywhere.  I couldn’t find him. I asked store clerks. I went back and looked everywhere again. A whole two minutes must have past and I was sure he had been kidnapped I could just see the headline, “Mother prefers pictures over her son.”  It was a very real fear.  Everyday, children are kidnapped. I was scared.

Finally a clerk asked,  “What is he wearing?”

“Blue jeans, a red, yellow and blue striped, long-sleeve shirt.”

“I think I know where he is.

He led me over to a TV playing the movie, Fievel Goes West. It was back in the children’s clothing area probably designed to keep children occupied while their parents took time making their choices.

I profusely thanked him while grabbing son’s hand in an iron-mom grip as the warring forces of overwhelming relief and monumental anger set in.

“What are trying to do, give me a heart attack?”

His innocent eyes stared up at me, expressionless.  “I wanted to watch a movie.”

“You’ll be the death of me. Don’t ever do that again. You scared me. I didn’t know where you were.”

When he was found watching the movie, I realized I should have known where he was. He loved the movie. Of course, that’s where he would be. For him it was a given, little boys want to watch Fievel. He really didn’t see the danger.

Losing the son of God

The child Jesus was older, of course, and non-digital.  Still He felt it was a given that He would be in the temple talking with the scholars and teachers.

Jesus had grown up in the small town of Nazareth. He knew everybody and everybody knew Him. There was no concern about Him getting lost.

Now in the big city of Jerusalem, there was a real fear. His parents’ anxiety didn’t just last two minutes, either. It built over what could have been days. They probably didn’t realize Jesus was gone until they stopped for the evening or at the very earliest for the noon meal. By this time they would have been some distance from Jerusalem.  They would have to travel that same distance back. Who

Once there, they would inquire and look in all the places they had been while madly describing what he had on, his size, age, etc., to every person they met.  Imagine being entrusted with the upbringing of God’s own son and then losing Him!

When they found Him, Jesus was as calm as my son. I’m sure He looked up at them with the eyes of innocence when He said, essentially, why were you worried? I have a mission and it includes setting things in motion for what is to come.

The next line is what hits me the hardest. “They had no idea what he was talking about.” Really? Had they forgotten the visitations of angels less than 13 years ago? Had they forgotten who they were raising?

Forgetting Jesus

Really, though, Mary and Joseph shouldn’t be blamed too much. We all forget who Jesus is from time to time.

I confess there are times I treat Him like a genie in a bottle asking for selfish desires. At other times, I treat Him like a small child scolding Him for not doing what I wanted Him to do.  I’ve treated Him like an imbecile giving Him information He already knows, reasons that don’t make sense and arguments that are lame at best. I’ve treated Him like an Ogor asking why He would allow the deaths or imprisonments of the innocent.  I’ve treated like an uncaring dictator accusing Him of using people like puppets to get His way.

All the time I forget that He is almighty, king of kings, master of the universe, all powerful, all knowing, all caring, Love incarnate. In the most simple terms, He is God, savior of the world.

He is not a baby in a manager or a pre-adolescent child who doesn’t care about His parents’ feelings. He is God.

Mary and Joseph knew that. They had just forgotten in the busyness of raising kids, making a living for their family and the merriment that came with the annual vacation to Jerusalem.

You and I, too, forget from time to time for all the same reasons Mary and Joseph forgot. The important thing is not that we forget, but that we remember.

Who is Jesus to you?

At the end of the world, who is Jesus? He is the same as He was at the beginning of the world. He doesn’t change. Yesterday, today, tomorrow He’s always totally Himself (Hebrews 13:8). John 1:1-5 tells us He was present with creation. Revelation 22:13 and much of Revelation 21 tells us He will be there in the end.

If you don’t know who He is, He is the sacrificial lamb slain for your sins. One innocent of no wrong, died on the cross as a substitution for your sins. The grace He extended to every person is that we accept His sacrifice, repent of our wrongdoings and live with Him.

It doesn’t mean we have to clean up our act to come to Him. It really doesn’t mean that we’ve done much wrong. If you’ve ever told a lie you are as guilty as the person who has committed murder. We are all condemned because no sin, no matter how miniscule in our eyes, can enter heaven. He accepts us as we are if we will accept Him and put His priorities first in our life/

People are predicting that today, 12-21-12 is the end of the world. If it is, make sure you know who Jesus is. Get in touch with Him today. If you’ve lost touch, talk to Him. Repent of your sins. Ask Him into your life. It’s simple really.  Just remember who Jesus really is.

Who is He to you? I’d love to hear your responses. If you have questions, feel free to comment below.

Teresa Shields Parker
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