My son is a great example of consistency and change. He has learned in order to making changes, one first has to have solid faith and core values.

Once you meet him, you’ll remember him as a quiet guy who loves Jesus is into computers, video games and making things work.

Andrew, roy, tersa

Andrew, Roy and Teresa Parker.

He loves the new technology and learning about what’s up and coming, but he also loves old cartoons and old video games and making old things usable. Such the reason he loves his 1993 Honda Civic.

Just the fact that something constantly needs fixing is a challenge to him. New cars, you just get in and drive. Old cars are always an adventure. It’s a good thing he usually has a bike strapped to the back of the car because he often needs to use it when the car breaks down.


He has a firm constant in his life, though. He loves God and embraces the things the Lord shows him with all that is within him. For instance, every boss he’s ever had will come to him to get the truth of a situation. The trust him with the keys to their business. They trust him with their money and material goods because he is honest to a core.

These values of truth and honesty are not just something he thinks are good things, they are build into the fabric of his being. Another value he can’t help but have is loyalty. Even when it is to his advantage to leave a job, he will stay until the end to help them out.

Compassion also runs deep in him. He roots for the underdog. He is the first one to help you if you ask. It’s one reason why he’s not the best salesman. If he think you could get it less expensive elsewhere or get by with what you have, he’ll tell you so even if it means he’d make a buck.

Its because he knows who he is and what his core values are that he can embrace and build change into his life.


Today is my son’s birthday and as I was thinking back over the last few years I was pondering the changes he’s gone through. In 2012, he left for a job in Colorado. It was his first big move away from his hometown. He loved the new community, the totally different feel of the terrain and forming new relationships.

While there, he began to lose weight because of the more active lifestyle, hectic work schedule and eating away from all the food available at home.

As a child, he saw himself as the “fat kid.” When he began losing weight without really trying he decided to see if he could lose more. He lost 50 pounds and kept it off through a move to the cold city of Hudson, WI.

Now that he’s been back home working he is still keeping the weight off. It’s a change he plans to continue.

For him the change is logical. He feels better. He is able to move better and do things he loves more often, such as biking and hiking.


Power for my son comes from time He spends alone and with God. He says he likes people all right, but he’d just as soon be by himself. He knows the power that moves Him is the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead.He doesn’t miss a day reading his Bible and praying. He loves go to church and to worship. He is committed to lifting up God in every way He can.

I know that when God is searching across the earth for one person to strengthen whose heart is totally committed to Him2, the name Andrew Raymond Parker comes to His mind.

You can read more of Andrew’s story in Sweet Change: True Stories of Transformation.

What about you? What are your constants? What kind of changes are you embracing?

1 Romans 8:11

2 Chronicles 16:9


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