You really want to change your life — lose weight, stop screaming at your kids, stop procrastinating, stop drinking, stop looking at pornography, get a better job, go back to school, stop spending money, get rid of clutter. But when you think of the risk of doing that, of letting go, of giving up what you’ve always gone to, it seems overwhelming and impossible.

Depressed Overweight WomanIn reality all you want is peace and life, but the willingness to change is keeping you from both. And yet you know God formed you from the beginning of time for an amazing destiny.1

You are like the servant whose master entrusted her with one talent.2 Others were given more talents, invested them and made money. You were afraid and so you buried yours. When the master returned He was not happy with you. It was then you wondered, what am I afraid of?

You know you have constructed walls. It’s the walls that are keeping you from what God designed for you. He gave you a gift and yet, you buried it under layers of fat or other consequences of your addictions. It’s ridiculous and yet when you think about removing those layers it scares you spitless.

It’s a conundrum of astronomical dimensions and all you want is the barriers gone, but you have no idea how to do that.

You wonder what the walls are made of and why they there. You know for sure they are there to protect you from something, but what could that be? What are you afraid of?

Fear of What’s We’ve Done or Will Do

You’ve done some stupid things in your past. You have lied. You have cheated. You have been selfish when you wish you hadn’t.

You have tried to hide your failures so no one will see them. And yet when your weight rose to monumental proportions you could no longer deny you have a problem.

You are afraid of what you will d0 and have no idea how to mitigate it. And so you construct a wall to keep you from making a total fool of yourself by trying yet one more time.

Fear of Failure

What if you tried to start over and do the right thing and yet, you fail once again? On some level you feel it would just be better to be happy where you are. But happiness is circumstantial and there is little of it where you are.

Truth be told there is no joy in knowing you have failed. You especially feel you have failed God. He’s told you what to do and you have not done it, but to try again and fail would be too much and so you do … nothing.

Fear of Exposure

You just want to blend into the background and hope no one notices you have gained 50 pounds in the last year or that your drinking has gotten out of control or that you are spending way too much time with a private addiction to pornography.

To say you have a problem, though, would be exposing yourself and that would be the worst of all. So you just stay the course doing the things that feel like they make you happy in the moment.

Fear of Doing Something Hard

You want to let go of the things you know are not helping you get to your destiny, but they have become your comfort zone. You like your comfort zone. It’s a nice, cozy little nest full of your favorite things.

You look at the mounds of sugar cookies, cakes and desserts and you do not want to give them up. Oh, maybe you could for a short time. You’ve done that before, but to give them up completely? That would be too hard.

You are okay with changing as long as it doesn’t hurt. But to think about giving things up hurts.

Fear of Letting God Down

When push comes to shove the fear is in letting God down. Like the servant we think God is a difficult man. We say to God, “I was afraid I would lose what You gave me, so I hid it. Look, here it is just like You gave it to me.”3

And God says, “I didn’t give this to you to bury. I gave it to you to use and multiply. It didn’t matter so much that you didn’t gain anything, but that you didn’t even try.

“It’s in the risking that you gain. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is just a truth of reality. If you bury yourself in your own fears, you will end up without anything in the end. Even the little you had will be taken and given to someone who is willing to take a risky step of faith.”

It’s a sad discourse on the servant who did nothing. However, the others went forward without fear and did something. And what the one had was given to the one who risked the most.

Let Go and Let God

What if you risked it all? What if you just let go and let God be God in your life? What do you have to lose? Maybe you lose the fears of what you’ve done or will do, of failure, of exposure, of doing something hard, of letting God down.

Here’s the truth, perfect love of a perfect God trumps fear4 of any kind. The release you feel in letting go of your fears is in a word … beautiful.

You’ve tried to pretend you are not a mess and you’ve done exactly what you’ve wanted to. Now, though, now, you are tired of being stuck. You are tired of going nowhere. You are tired of being afraid. You are ready to do exactly what you know God desires of you.

You’re ready to stay the course, jump into the deep end, risk it all for the purpose God has called you to. You are ready for life in all of its myriad of risks, failures and triumphs.

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Lord, I’m ready now!

Oh Lord I’m ready now
All the walls are down
Time is running out
And I wanna make this count
I ran away from You
And did what I wanted to
But I don’t wanna let You down
Oh Lord, I’m ready now
Lord, I’m ready now.

To hear the song by Plumb click on the title.

1 Psalm 139:13-17

2 Matthew 25:14-30

3 Matthew25:24

4 1 John 4:18

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