Putting my faith in God for my weight loss journey seemed a huge disconnect. How could taking a step of faith help me with something so everyday practical as weight loss? More than that, what did God’s Grace have to do with the process?

Blind leap

Why Is It So Hard To Embark On A Healthy Living journey?

For me it was a bit of rebellion. I wanted to hold on to something I wanted. I wanted to control what for me had become uncontrollable. I didn’t want to risk giving up food and failing again.

What I get completely is that food is the go-to stress reliever. The struggle we feel at losing weight, healthy eating, exercise and lack of discipline at least 100 people we walk by every day feel the same thing. All are using food as a self-medicator rather than fuel for the bodies God made.

One major key to weight loss is God’s grace, hence the title of my memoir, Sweet Grace. There is a power in God’s Grace for our lives after salvation. We forget that.

Sweet Grace For Your Journey

When I took the step of faith to surrender my addiction to sugar and gluten and began walking it out, grace became the wind at my back, the power to make it happen.

This was more than a valuable lesson, it now defines all of how I live my life, walking the high wire between the risk of faith and the assurance of grace.

All of my life used to be planned and calculated to assure I got to point B at the appointed time. I still plan, but I rely much more on God now. I go forward with many things not knowing the outcome. I think it is better this way. God knows if He tells me too far in advance, I will just panic.

Like the song, Oceans says, God has called me out on the water in the great unknown where my feet could easily fail if I knew where I was going. It’s in the reality that I’m in over my head in deep water that I am able to surrender everything. What good is hanging on to anything if you’re going to drown? As a last ditch effort I surrender what I’ve been holding on to, the thing that if I keep, I will certainly drown. It’s in that surrender that my faith begins to stand, bolstered by grace.

Grace is available for all of life’s struggles, especially the weight loss struggle. God longs for us to have health, energy, vibrance to complete our purpose and destiny here.

Giving Up Control

Can we trust God with the one thing we want to maintain control over? Are we willing to surrender our lack of control over food and what we feel we have free reign with, to the power of an almighty God?

Whether it’s 20 or 220 pounds, do we really believe God is bigger? I don’t have any concept of how big God is. However, if the earth is His footstool, He’s pretty big.

I can unequivocally say, God is bigger than 430 pounds, though for 30 years, I certainly wasn’t acting like he is. Weight loss is a difficult proposition. In order to get through the process, especially if you have an extreme amount of weight to lose, you need God, accountability partners and a mentor.

Sweet Change Group

I know this process well. I couldn’t have lost weight without it. For nearly five months we have been conducting Sweet Change Weight Loss Coaching and Accountability Group which is addressing these issues. I  serve as the mentor and coach. Group members will be the accountability partners. And God will be God, as always.

In the group I have shared what I know works on this journey, answered group members questions, and structured the group to be a safe place for group members to fall when difficulties have arisen. Of course there are weekly video messages and action steps to help members move forward.

We started with the basics and for the next two months are moving back into the basics. Eight videos will discuss the beginnings steps on this journey. This videos will form the basis for Sweet Change Starter Course which will be released in 2015. The Starter Course will be a prerequisite before coming into Sweet Change Group.

The Basics and the Starter Course

Right now, though you can get the basics of the course plus the interactive Sweet Change Group by joining through Nov. 27. We are offering to allow those interested to come into the group for our lowest price and a commitment of two months. After that you may continue in the group at that price if you wish.

When we offer the Starter Course, it will be somewhat higher in price. Get in now for a lower price that will take you through the holidays and starting into 2015.

This will be two months filled with discovery, break through and most of all, a closer walk with the Master. Those things do go together. Trust me on this.

Weight loss is a surrender issue. When we embark on this journey in the right way, we take a giant step of faith and fall right into the arms of grace.

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