I am thankful for my feet even though I think they are ugly.

When I was a teenager I had pretty feet. I had a friend who had the most atrocious looking feet with the wrong toes too long and some crooked.


I felt sorry for her. She wouldn’t wear flip flops in the summer. She never wore open-toed shoes. She hated her feet. I loved mine.

Then life happened and I piled on excess weight. My legs and feet took a beating, literally.

I can’t even fathom two objects as small as feet trying to balance a body weighing 430 pounds.

A reporter, on a live TV interview, said, “You know you see news reports of all these people who get so large they have to be cut out of their homes. They have to have someone enabling them to get that large.”

I politely agreed.

Then she said, “Who was your enabler?”

“I was my own enabler,” I said. “I could drive, walk short distances, work, go to the grocery store.” Even as I said that I wondered, how did I do that with 260 more pounds on my body.

I watch Biggest Loser where they have to carry weights that weigh what they lost during the show. I have no idea how I could carry 260 pounds of weights right now. There would be no way.

And yet, my feet did it. The same feet I have now.

In the process of piling excess pounds on my body, my feet took a beating. They really did. They are calloused and some toes are crooked, but they are the same feet I’ve always had.

My knees didn’t survive the excess weight. Both of them have been replaced, but my feet carry on, literally

Today, my feet are going to carry me as I enter my first 5K. My goal is just to walk as far as I can. I doubt I finish and that’s OK with me.

The fact that I can walk at all after what I’ve put my body through is a miracle of the way God designed me.

I am fearfully and wonderfully1 made, just like you.

Our bodies have this amazing ability to adapt. I have hanging skin, but my body still functions. It’s how God made us.

“So take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen your weak knees. Mark out a straight path for your feet so that those who are weak and lame will not fall but become strong.”2

My feet have been through a lot. I apologize feet for the pain I put you through. I am sorry I called you ugly.

In actuality, nothing is more beautiful that something or someone who carries out their life’s purpose.

The purpose of my feet is to support me no matter what I put them through.

They have served their purpose well.

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring Good News.”3

Can you imagine the toll on the feet of people who climb mountains? Mountain climbing is a very physical task. Sometimes we think sharing Good News with someone is a spiritual task.

In order to live out our purpose, we first have to live. We have to walk. We do. We have to live in health to the best of our ability.

Feet that carry us across the mountains of life are indeed beautiful. Just ask anyone who is confined to a wheelchair or a bed. One thing they wish more than anything Is to be able to walk.

I can walk and it’s all because of my feet. I was headed towards a life of not walking. I was putting myself in harm’s way by eating whatever I wanted.

I’m so glad my feet turned me around and headed me towards a healthy lifestyle.

So I dress them in my favorite socks so they and I will remember that they are indeed beautiful.

Today, I am thankful for beautiful feet.

 1 Psalm 139:14 NIV

2 Hebrews 12:12-13 NLT

3  Isaiah 52:7 NIV


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