Starting a new coaching class or group always reminds me of what it was like for me back when I thought I would never be free of the mounds of fat attached to my body. The words are flowing.

I’ve actually been blogging every day because God told me to make sure you know about the opportunity #KickWeight offers you, whether you have 10 pounds or 410 pounds to lose.

tp and lady (m,arilyn?)

My Stubbornness

I know God protected me even in my stubbornness just long enough for me to get on board with His plan and accept His help on my extreme weight loss journey. However, I could have very well never submitted.If so I know I wouldn’t be here today. At my highest weight, I weighed an extremely dangerous 430 pounds. To date I’ve lost over 260 pounds.

Today, I have pounds of hanging skin to remind me of where I never want to go again. I probably have at least 20 pounds of skin hanging around everywhere on my body. I mean, let’s face it, skin is everywhere, but I can live with the skin.

Skin Removal?

People ask me why I don’t have skin removal surgery. There are a lot of reasons actually. It’s really expensive and not covered by any insurance. It’s painful and carries great risks of infection. Some have even died from skin removal surgery. I have hanging skin everywhere and there are areas where skin removal is really difficult to even accomplish.

The recovery period is long. I have things to do. I don’t want to waste time recovering from a surgery that is for looks alone. I’ve been married for over 39 years. My husband doesn’t mind the skin now that the fat is gone and I can cover it pretty well with the right clothes and good undergarments.

The most important reason, though, is that God hasn’t told me to do it yet. Yes, I’ve asked. There is silence. I used to think silence from God meant go ahead and do it. I’ve learned it usually means He has a better plan or that it’s not something I should pursue at this time.

God’s Power Wins

The hanging skin on my arms is a reminder that I’ve fought a battle and won by the power of God. I call the five inches of skin hanging under each of my arms my angel wings. It’s just another sign that He is always watching out for me.

Anyway, I started out to tell you that I’ve been blogging incessantly in the last few weeks. In case you missed any, I wanted to share the links.

By the way, I’m leaving #KickWeight open until Oct. 12. We’ve had some technical glitches with our internet, actually a lot of the internet has had technical issues lately. They get resolved and then another pops up.

Be assured, I’m not closing the doors until I’m positive everyone who wants to come in has come in. #KickWeight is a six-month program. I close the doors at the beginning of the program so those in the group can go into their chrysalises. It takes humans a bit longer to emerge as butterflies, but those who put the work in will emerge changed.

In our first session of #KickWeight over 408 pounds were lost. One woman lost 90 pounds. It’s amazing really.

The first teaching video has already been posted in the group so go HERE today to join.

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